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Huang Law Firm assists our clients in fulfilling their immigration migration needs and their associates’ immigration concerns in China, Canada, Taiwan, India, and other countries throughout the world.


We provide information and solutions ensuring that transferring employees are not troubled by immigration status requirements abroad, regardless of their origin and destination. We offer expert immigration professionals to provide the services required in local jurisdictions of the destination country. Our team of professionals in these locations understands the language, ethnic background, law, and other immigration status processing related requirements. . Our international connections can facilitate the orderly, legal, and efficient movement of talented employees to relocate for career or education purposes. We understand the critical role that valued employees play in the success of any corporate venture. We work closely with our clients to plan immigration and visa compliance well in advance for placement of any temporary and permanent worker in other countries.    


Our team of professionals can provide you with a visa assessment, and recommend the appropriate migration path and strategy. We offer eligibility and required documents advice. We are committed to providing migration law solutions and making your future our priority.

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